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"I am eternally grateful to Juanita and Archetype Interiors for helping me to re-style my second bedroom into a beautifully furnished, WFH office space. After permanently transitioning from a professional office to a full-time home office due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, I was uncomfortable in the makeshift office where I would spend very long days working in stressful times. Juanita came to my rescue and provided thoughtful, expert advice on all aspects of interior design, including desk furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories. Thanks to Juanita's savvy guidance, I now have a cool and comfortable space, with artwork dear to my heart, that I really enjoy (even after working hours!). With Juanita's keen eye for color, sharp attention to detail, and wealth of design experience, I highly recommend Juanita and Archetype Interiors.
Thank you again (and for your patience with me).
- Lisi

"Juanita  is very detail oriented when it comes to window treatments. She listened to our needs and worked tirelessly until we were satisfied.
First, Juanita did our dining room. We were so pleased that we called her back to do kitchen window treatments.
Finally,we called Juanita  in to design window treatments for our living room and we couldn’t be more satisfied.
She measures and installs until the job is perfect."
I highly recommend Juanita.
-Marilyn, New Rochelle NY

"We built a large house and Juanita was invaluable in helping us with the myriad of decisions we faced when picking out window treatments.  She helped us choose the right design, mechanism, look and feel.  She coordinated the power shades, manual shades and custom curtains for a stunning look.   She was reliable, pleasant, very easy to work with and had a deep well of design experience and resources from which to draw from.   However, first and foremost is she listens and remembers.  She absorbs what you have to say and what your concerns are and incorporates that into a sensible plan.  She also helped us with custom bench cushions and steered us toward practical and long-lasting fabrics and a clever design.  All of her measurements, from windows to curtains to benches were spot on.  Installation was flawless.  I would highly recommend Juanita and look forward to working with her again."
-Ellen, Westchester County NY

“Juanita’s exceptional taste and creativity helped me achieve the outcome I was looking for. Paying close attention to my ideas, she not only understood, but embraced my design vision…The suggestions she offered me were extraordinarily helpful…Juanita is a thoughtful professional, with patience and creativity.”
- Julie D, White Plains, NY

“Moving from the farm house we lived in for 20 years to a condo downtown... well, the whole experience was daunting to say the least. We not only downsized but decided to update our style. Juanita gave us great advice and suggested many transitional elements that changed the look of our home without sacrificing pieces we truly love and want to keep. Everything works beautifully together. I would recommend Juanita and Archetype Interiors without hesitation.”
- Anne D., New Canaan, CT

“…Juanita is organized and responsive. She is cheerful and personable, which made our work together fun…I will gladly recommend her to friends.”
- Karen B., Scarsdale, NY

“Her discerning eye for color and design gave us an excellent result. Juanita suggested colors I would never have considered…She helped me complete the look beautifully with shades in the living and dining rooms. She has impeccable taste and is a pleasure to work with. Her design suggestions make you think ‘outside the box.’ I felt gently steered in the right direction…”
- Judy R., Westchester, NY

“Her manner is warm and engaging, and she knows her business. She…helped us stretch our imagination while respecting our budget. Juanita took a holistic approach to the room and suggested ways to improve on the design that didn’t cost us a penny…I would absolutely recommend Juanita to my friends and family.”
- Roberta A., Arsley, NY

“I certainly wish I had called upon Juanita at the outset of my moving process. Every move, whether it involves downsizing or not, requires thought and planning to know which furnishings and window treatments will work in the new space. I would definitely recommend Juanita for her overall ‘Move-Once Concierge’ consultation and design services. "
- Jill P., Greenwich, CT

“…Juanita has guided me through a virtual re-design of my entire house, helping me select furniture, carpeting and window treatments. I am completely happy with the results."
- Rosaria C., Scarsdale, NY

“Juanita did a beautiful job with our home…She does not just decorate, she gets to know her clients and turns houses into homes and windows into picture frames of the outside world. She is an unbelievable professional.”
- Lynne G., Irvington, NY

When our Co-op decided to remodel our hallways and lobbies for 3 apartment buildings, we first had to choose an Interior Designer. We were not disappointed when we chose Juanita of Archetype Interiors. Not only did she express her professionalism and vast knowledge of all facets of our design requirements, she also showed great patience with dealing with 7 board members all expressing different ideas. In the end, we ended up with beautiful lobbies and hallways that the board has received nothing but rave reviews from the residents. We couldn’t have been happier with the results and would highly recommend Juanita of Archetype Interiors.
- Victor S., Yonkers, NY

I contacted Juanita Strassfield for help to decorate a room which was to be my sanctuary, a daily refuge from the pressures of my role as primary caregiver for my wife, who had been seriously incapacitated as the result of a progressive disease. I needed a room which would provide a feeling of serenity and relaxation.

The room while airy and spacious offered many decorating challenges. Juanita's expertise and talents soon became evident. She offered many valuable suggestions, was extremely creative, and provided me with samples for the window treatments, which created the atmosphere I was looking for. The choice of color, design, and texture made it only necessary to choose the one I liked the best, since I liked almost all of them. Juanita is the consummate professional, extremely personable and in a word, a gem!
- George Saltz, Ph.D., Ardsley, N.Y.

I first heard about Juanita of Archetype Interiors through a networking group and I contacted her for a consultation regarding window treatments for my living room. When we first met, I liked Juanita very much. Her manner is warm and engaging, and she knows her business. We discussed at length various options. She saw our tastes and helped us stretch our imagination while respecting our budget. Juanita spent a great deal of time with us answering our many queries. She was so patient and instructive and offered constructive feedback.

Initially, my focus was limited to window treatments, but Juanita took a holistic approach to the room and suggested ways to improve on the design that didn’t cost a penny. We rearranged furniture and removed knickknacks. With confidence in her design skills, we decided to use her for re-upholstery services for three chairs, two of which were in another room, but Juanita showed us how they fit beautifully in our living room. Finally, we covered a foot stool and had throw pillows made for our new couch from left-over curtain fabric! When we decided to buy a rug, she recommended stores, colors and designs. We listened to her and love the Oriental rug we bought. I love how my living room turned out! I learned that less clutter is important to me and how colors can complement each other in a room. I believe we found a room style suited to my traditional taste, but with a bit of a contemporary feel. I would absolutely recommend Juanita to my friends and family.
- Roberta Leiner

When I was shopping for furniture, a saleswoman recommended Juanita to me and I called her for a color consultation. Juanita spent a lot of time with me, walking through every room of my house. She listened carefully to my ideas about transforming the style of my home. She worked within my budget and recommended colors and more. She suggested painting an accent wall a dark grey for a dramatic effect. This design feature turned out to be absolutely beautiful and has evoked numerous compliments.

I love working with Juanita. She is very helpful, not only recommending colors but also giving her professional feedback regarding other design features. Because she took the time to understand my vision and taste she was able to offer very useful design tips. And the end result is beautiful and dramatic.
- Shana Foglia, Stamford, CT


“ Juanita is extremely knowledgeable about interior design and especially window treatments. She is detail-oriented, generous with her time and is always helpful…”
- Daniel P., architect/kitchen designer, Bilotta, New York City

I wholeheartedly endorse Juanita Strassfield at Archetype Interiors!  She responds immediately to all requests to assist our homeowner clients. She’s always courteous, professional, does a wonderful job and my clients are thrilled with her each time.  She is not only well versed with any types of window treatments but also with any type of interior design and color.  Any job Juanita performs is well done.  I will continue to use her and recommend her highly.
- Derek Tacon, President, Home Services of New Canaan

I am a Landscape Designer and Masonry contractor that works with Juanita. She has put together a strong team of like minded quality first contractors that she brings in to serve her clients. Juanita has been a fantastic liaison between the design concepts and the installation process. She works very hard to keep the communication between all parties open and accurate. Juanita's main goal, much like my own, is to make sure that the client is involved through the process and thrilled with the end results. I look forward to working with her again on the next project.
- Rob Hughes, Stonewall Associates

Juanita is an amazing interior design professional.  Collaborating with Juanita on her marketing campaigns and articulating her vision has been very educational and has changed my mind about interior styling. I now understand that to work with someone who has an eye for design, as Juanita does, will bring about the outcome that clients hope for in a timely manner and within a budget.  Juanita’s passion for design, her knowledge of fabrics, space and trends, as well as her understanding of her clients’ desires, has shown me that Juanita’s commitment runs deep. Her clients rave about her and I fully believe that if you use Juanita to style your home or office you can’t go wrong.  I would trust Juanita with any design project that I, my friends or family was considering.
- Tina Campbell, Free Enterprise Warriors 

As a professional photographer, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of interior designers on their projects. However, the interior design work of Juanita at Archetype Interiors is top-notch. I recently photographed her interior redesign of an entire home and it was impressive. Her work on window treatments in particular is among the best I have seen. I look forward to shooting Juanita's work because it shows so well in my own photography portfolio. Lastly, Juanita has been a pleasure to work with as a professional, and I look forward to working with her again in the future. - Matt D'Alto, Matthew D'Alto Photography & Design

Thanks for a great job on new window coverings and couch pillows in my living room.  What a difference in modernizing the room!  I appreciate your excellent work. - Bill M, Darien, CT

I enlisted Juanita to help stage a large, upscale home for sale after hearing about her exceptional ability for interior styling. The project required a large amount of planning, and Juanita undertook every aspect with skill and professionalism. She de-cluttered, updated and arranged every room of the house in exquisite taste. She accessorized in a way that made the rooms inviting and visually seductive. Her selections of unique furnishings lead to a successful re-design of the home and renewed interest in the property.
- Tom Sullivan, Owner, Staging Sells